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Why sell your property through auction?

+ Reduce the chance of fall troughs with motivated buyers

Selling your house through auction is a great way of lowering the chances of a failed sale. We achieve this through either immediate exchange of contracts or a legally-binding contract depending on the type of auction and a non-refundable deposit that is payable by the buyer at the end of an auction.

+ Hidden minimum price

You have the ability to set a minimum price to ensure you reach a value you are happy with.

+ Fixed, transparent completion date

Depending on the type of auction you either have 28 days after the end of an auction if the contracts are exchanged immediately or two times 28 days (28 days to exchange contracts and 28 days to complete).

+ Increase in Interest

Due to our pricing method, the house will enjoy bigger interest and therefore more viewings. This, in turn, gives you a better chance of selling your property quicker and for more compared to the normal method.

What are the steps?

1. Contact Us

We will refer you to one of our estate agent partners for a free, no-obligation appraisal.

2. Auction Pack

You will need a legal pack prepared that contain important information about your property that a potential buyer needs when deciding whether to bid.

3. Listing the property

You will need to choose the duration of the auction and a finishing date after which the partner agent and we will start advertising your property.

4. End of auction

If you are satisfied with the bid and the auction is over then the buyer will pay a non-refundable deposit in addition to the purchase price. This covers the costs of the auction and as this is paid on a non refundable basis you know the buyer is serious. Depending on the type of auction, (with the extended auction) the buyer may also sign the reservation document after which there are 28 days to exchange and another 28 days to complete. With the fixed auction, the contracts are exchanged immediately and there are 28 days to complete.

In summary, selling your house with us could mean fewer headaches and faster turnaround times. If you are interested, please contact us.


We offer an online auction service for sellers looking to sell! With auction a fall through is way less likely due to the reservation fee at the end of the auction.

Why sell through auction?


Buying property at auction is the ideal way to look for your potential dream home or next renovation project.

Why buy through auction?


Boost your services with online auction

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