Turn your hard to sell properties into successes!

We help estate agents like you to sell your difficult properties, conveniently, fast and for the most.

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Having properties that just do not want to sell?

This is bad for both you and your customers.

Do you have investment properties?

Without a kitchen

With tenants

In derelict / bad condition

In need of modernisation

Reposessions, etc.

We can help you.

Through auction we attract more competition that results in higher selling prices.

Guaranteed, fast sale due to legally binding contracts at the end of auction.

Maintain tenancy income.

Convenient way of buying and selling.

Okay, but you might ask why we are better than the competition?

Realtime services

Bidding and all the important notifications are updated in realtime thus users are always up to date.

API Feed driven data transfer

We support all data feed types, Rightmove V3 BLM, Kyero, XML2U and we have a custom REST API as well. Plus you can also send us your property information manually through email.

  "branchReference": "leedsBestAgency",
  "propertyReference": "ADSJFJB23J23B32J",
  "title": "3 bedroom detached house for sale",
  "room": {
    "bedroom": 3,
    "bathroom": 1,
    "receptionRoom": 1
  "propertyType": "DETACHED_HOUSE",
  "tenure": "FREEHOLD",
  "adType": "SALE_OR_AUCTION"

Area Intelligence

All of our properties are coupled with area information that increases customer satisfaction

Housing information: housing tenure, accommodation type, room number, household size

Residential data: social grade, ethnicity, qualification, passport, religion, gender, health

Crime statistics: by street, by crime type

Sold house prices

Location codes

We are on your side

Since the existing listing portals are getting more expensive, we also started one as a long term protection for our partner agents to keep the competition's fees in check. If you are interested, we can list all your houses on our site.

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Realtime bidding

All bids appear among every active sessions without the need for a complete refresh.

Using tried and tested methodologies like the use of reserve price or the ability for buyers to set a max bid, therefore the current price is the highest mutual bid.

Ending in 4d 0h 40m 10s

Reserve price not met yet

You are the highest bidder - Current max bid: £132,000

£120,000 - 1 bid

Realtime notifications

Instant notifications help users stay up-to-date with their wished properties.

Whenever someone bids on a property the current highest bidder is notified. Furthermore if the current highest bidder is outbidden, an email and an in-app notification is sent to the user as a notification.

Realtime bid history

Buyers can also see the bid history of the properties. All the important events e.g. bid increase, counter bids, current highest bid appear in realtime, while the highest bidder's maximum bid is kept hidden.

ek £110,000

20-12-2018 20:10

ag £109,999

20-12-2018 20:10

ek Bid increase

20-12-2018 20:07

ek £100,001

20-12-2018 11:10

Different auction modes

Since properties are worth substantial amounts, getting the maximum value when selling is crucial, therefore we developed two ways of selling modes: fixed and extending auctions.

Fixed is normal auction, when the deadline comes the highest bidder wins the property.

Extending is more flexible as with this mode the deadline can be extended if the highest bidder is outbidden in the last half hour. In that case the deadline is extended by half an hour, giving the prior highest bidder time to react.

Area intelligence on steroids

Help your buyers make more informed decisions by showing area information on your properties. Covering a wide variety of available information for each postcode in England. From housing information to residential data, crime statistics to sold house prices.

Social grade

The figures shown are per-household between the ages of 16-64.

AB - Higher and intermediate managerial, administrative, or professional positions: 15
C1 - Supervisory, clerical, and junior managerial/administrative/professional positions : 32
C2 - Skilled manual workers: 22
DE - Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers; those on state benefit/unemployed, & lowest grade workers: 38

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