Sold house price information for FISHPOND ROAD, WOODBRIDGE, IP12 4QX

FISHPOND ROAD is in Suffolk Coastal in the county of Suffolk which resides in the East of England region of England. The postcode is within the Kirton ward, which is in the constituency of Suffolk Coastal. This page is a collection of useful information for FISHPOND ROAD, Suffolk Coastal, IP12 4QX and the neighbourhood in which it resides.

In IP12 4QX we found 1 house sales. The latest transaction was number BLAXHALL that sold for £275,000 on 26 Jul 2001. The most expensive house purchase so far has been number BLAXHALL that sold for £275,000 on 26 Jul 2001 and the lowest has been number BLAXHALL that sold for £275,000 on 26 Jul 2001. If you are interested about more detailed information then keep reading as we give insights about all of them in this page later on.

This postcode IP12 4QX is currently active and it was first introduced in 01 Jan 1980.

Rural village

25 persons

12 households

BLAXHALL, FISHPOND ROAD, IP12 4QX, WOODBRIDGE, WALDRINGFIELD, SUFFOLK COASTAL Leasehold, Detached house Sold for £275,000 on 26 Jul 2001

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Housing tenure

The national average of social housing is over 18%.

Owned outright: 76
Mortgage: 31
Shared Ownership: 0
Council: 0
Social other: 1
Private rented: 11
Private employer: 0
Private relative: 2
Private other: 0
Rent free: 3

Accommodation type

Please note that the figures may include adjacent streets

Detached: 105
Semi-detached : 20
Terraced: 4
Flat: 4
Converted house share: 3
Flat in commercial: 1
Caravan: 4

Room number

This data lists the total number of room each house have.

One: 1
Two: 0
Three: 8
Four: 8
Five: 14
Six: 19
Seven: 21
Eight: 24
Nine: 29

Household size

This data lists the total number of people normally resident within each household.

One: 29
Two: 55
Three: 20
Four: 15
Five: 4
Six: 0
Eight: 1

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