Crime information for REDISHER CLOSE, BURY, BL0 9RX

REDISHER CLOSE in Bury is in the county of Greater Manchester which resides in the North West region of England. The postcode is within the North Manor ward, which is in the constituency of Bury North. This page is a collection of police information for REDISHER CLOSE, Bury, BL0 9RX and the neighbourhood in which it resides.

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Nature of the neighborhood: Urban major conurbation

Population: 15 inhabitants

Families: 6 households

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From February 2022 Police Database


Graph by type of Crime

Anti-social behaviour: 0
Violence and sexual offences: 0
Burglary: 0
Criminal damage and arson: 1
Drugs: 0
Other theft: 0
Possession of weapons: 0
Public order: 0
Theft from the person: 0
Vehicle crime: 0
Bicycle theft: 0
Shoplifting: 0
Other crime: 0

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Detailed information by exact location

On or near Hawkshaw Lane

Crime type

Last outcome

Criminal damage and arson

Investigation complete; no suspect identified